Good news! Your company has chosen Swile for your employee benefits! Find out in this article how to use your gift vouchers. 🎁

How do I find my gift voucher balance?

Your gift vouchers have been credited by your Social and Economic Committee (CSE) directly to your Swile account. Go to My Account to see your balance.

Where can I my gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers have been offered to you for one or more events according to the rules issued by URSSAF.

You can use them in stores, and for products, related to the events for which they were offered to you. Find all eligible merchants on your Swile account in the section Where to spend 👇



For example: If your gift vouchers are credited for Christmas, you can pay for a bottle of wine in a wine store. This will not be the case if your gift vouchers are credited for Back to School. 🤓

The eligible brands therefore differ according to the different gift vouchers that your employer has decided to offer : 

🎁 I have received Adult gift vouchers

🎁 I have received Child gift vouchers

🎁 I have received Birth / Adoption gift vouchers

🎁 I have received Culture gift vouchers


How can I use my gift vouchers?

With your Swile Card:

Whether you have a physical card or a virtual card, you can spend your gift vouchers in stores or online.

PS: as explained above, find all eligible merchants in the interactive map Where to spend from your Swile account.

On the Deals & Discounts platform:

Spend your gift vouchers directly on Swile's gift platform and get tons of discounts and good deals all year round! You can pay directly with your Swile wallet, so no need for your card. 👌

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