What to do in case of flight disruptions?

If your flight is cancelled or delayed due to a storm or strike, you have come to the right place.

As soon as the air network is disrupted, the airlines take care of notifying all travelers affected by these irregularities. They can inform you by email, phone or SMS. Usually the traveller is contacted first, but your travel agency may also be contacted. Please note that if Swile Business Travel (formerly Okarito) is notified, we will send you an email to inform you of any disruption and give you instructions on how to deal with it.

I have received an email from the airline and I want to cancel or change my flight to another day
Airline tickets affected by irregularities such as strikes are in most cases changeable free of charge and in some cases refundable, even if they were not initially. However, each airline has its own exchange and refund policy. In order to know them and to be able to manage these disruptions, contact us via our form or via our chat.

I have received an email from the airline and I want to keep my trip
Airlines try to rebook all travelers on other flights. Normally, if they are successful, you will receive an email from them with the new itinerary. If not, they have not been able to find an alternative. In both cases, you must contact us so that we can validate the proposed option or possibly book another flight. You can do this via our form, our chat or by phone on +33184803880.

A strike has been announced and I have not received a message from the company or Swile Business Travel (ex-Okarito)
It is possible that during a strike your flight will not be disrupted and that is why you have not received any notification. But it is also possible that the airline was not able to notify you in time, neither you nor us. To avoid any inconvenience, we advise you to contact us directly so that we can check whether your flight is still on. Also, if your flight is maintained but you wish to exchange it for a later trip, we invite you to let us know so that we can assist you.

My flight is cancelled or delayed and I am already at the airport
When you are at the airport and your flight is cancelled or changed, you are in the airlines' area of responsibility. This means that they will have to find you the appropriate solutions so that you can take another flight or obtain the necessary assistance in your case. We therefore invite you to get in touch with the ground staff on site. If you are granted a refund, the airline may advise you that you need to contact your travel agency to finalise the refund. You can then contact us via our various channels so that we can make the necessary arrangements on our side.



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