Your company provides you with gift vouchers. With these benefits (Adult, Child, Baby, Culture...) pay in stores or online in shops corresponding to your specific benefit!

To make your life easier, we explain how to use your Swile Card with some of the major brands that we've selected for you.

To spend at FNAC

You have:

Adult or Child gift vouchers: in stores, online ( or by purchasing a gift card on your Deals & Discounts platform to be used in store or online.

Culture gift vouchers: Only by purchasing a gift card on your Deals & Discounts platform to use online or in stores.

💡 It's not possible for us to know if the products you are buying at FNAC correspond to purchases for cultural products. To avoid waiting for the cashiers to handle this, we suggest that you buy a FNAC gift card to spend your culture gift vouchers as you want.

To spend on 📮

You have:

Adult gift vouchers: Buy an Amazon gift card from our Deals & Discounts platform and spend it on the website.

💡 If you have Child or Culture vouchers, you can't spend them on You can check where to spend your gift vouchers in our dedicated articles here (child) and here (culture).

To spend at IKEA 🏠

You have:

Adult or Child gift vouchers: Pay directly in stores with your Swile card, online or buy an IKEA gift card on your Deals & Discounts platform, then use it on the Ikea website or directly in store.

💡 The purchase of food or fuel is strictly prohibited with gift vouchers.

To spend at Decathlon 🎿

You have:

Adult or Child gift vouchers: Pay directly in stores, online or buy a Decathlon gift card on the Deals & Discounts platform.

💡 If you have Culture vouchers, you cannot make purchases at Decathlon.

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