Your company chose Swile to provide your meal vouchers! Find here everything you need to know about using them.

1. Where to spend

You can use your Swile Card at any business that accepts meal vouchers, to purchase products eligible for meal vouchers. Same for delivery platforms like Uber EatsDeliveroo, Frichti, Nestor, etc.

⚠️ Exceptions to keep in mind:

  • Lidl and Aldi (German companies who don't wish to accept meal vouchers).
  • Of course, you cannot withdraw money with your Swile card. It wasn't made for that. 😉

2. Some rules for using meal vouchers


Meal vouchers can be used every day of the week (Sundays and public holidays included) in restaurants that are eligible for the €38 spending limit until the end of June 2022. For other food retailers (supermarkets, bakeries, grocery stores, etc.) meal vouchers can be used Monday through Saturday.

How much?

In restaurants that are eligible for the higher spending limit, you can pay up to €38 in meal vouchers. Everywhere else, you can use up to €19. Unlike paper vouchers, there is no minimum (unless there's one required by the business) and you can pay the exact amount! 🎉

👉 Here's more info about payment rules.

What to buy?

  • 🍇 Fresh products and produce (meat, fruits, vegetables, etc.)
  • 🍱 Savory (canned food, pre-made meals, etc.)
  • 🍫 Sweet
  • 🍲 Frozen
  • ☕ Drinks (water, juice, non-alcoholic drinks)

👉 Here's a list of eligible products.

Until when?

There is no expiration date at Swile! 💸 Meal vouchers are automatically rolled over from month to month and year to year as long as your employer activates the automatic annual renewal. Your meal vouchers are therefore cumulated with your next top-ups!

If your card was delivered in 2021, it is valid for 4 years. If you have received your card before 2021, your Swile Card is valid for 3 years, until the expiration date listed on the card. After that, it's automatically renewed! 

3. How do I track my balance?

You can manage your card (PIN, contactless, loss / theft, etc.) and your balance from the Swile App (available on iOS and Android) or from a computer by logging in to your account.

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