How do I track the delivery of my card?

You have a card being delivered and you want to know where it is? Here’s how to track the delivery of your card step by step.

⚠️ Delivery tracking does not apply to all cards. If you don't have delivery tracking on your card, it will arrive within 5-8 business days. Do not hesitate to contact us if this is not the case.

From your Swile App 📱:

  • Once logged into your Swile account, go to the two card icon _cone_deux_cartes.PNG in the bottom of your Swile app.  If you view 4 icons, select the last one at the bottom right  mceclip0.png, then my Swile Cards section.
  • The first line tells you the status of your order
  • By clicking here, you’ll find details of the delivery and the delivery address

Here are some visuals to help :


From your computer 💻 :

On your Swile account , go to the My Swile cards tab.

You can see directly on the page the status of the order and the delivery address.


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