How to pay over the legal limit with your Swile Card

By linking a bank card to your account, you can pay with your Swile Card over the legal limit. The additional charge will be debited directly from your personal bank card.

What does that mean?

For meal voucher payments 🍔 :

At checkout, you can use your Swile Card without having to specify the amount you want to pay with your Swile benefits, even if your bill exceeds the legal limit for meal vouchers. The meal vouchers part will be taken from your Swile benefits account and the rest will be debited from the personal bank card that is linked your Swile account.

For gift voucher payments 🎁 :

For payments in stores: at checkout, you can use your card up to the balance available in gift vouchers and the remainder will be taken directly from your personal bank card. For payments on your Deals & Discounts platform: if the total is greater than your gift voucher allocation, you will have the option of adding an additional payment method to make up the difference.

All bank cards work 💪 (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, N26, Revolut, etc.)

How do I activate unlimited payments?

Log in to your Swile account from our website or in your mobile app, then go to the My Swile cards tab.

Click on the Unlimited payments tab and then select the bank card you want to link. If you don't already have a card saved click Add a bank card.

👉 Define the maximum amount you want to authorize with your personal card per transaction. This amount will be the subject to a bank imprint (it is just a reservation of funds and not a direct debit 😉).

Here's some visuals to help 👇: 

From a computer 💻:

From the app 📱:

What is a bank imprint?

A bank imprint is a reservation of funds needed to ensure that the sum will be available. Don't worry, this is by no means a direct debit. It's a pending transaction for a pre-authorized amount. So it doesn't appear in your bank account balance.

The same process is used for a deposit when renting goods or services.

💡 Good to know

  • If you register a bank card from a neo-bank (Revolut, N26, etc.) you'll receive a notification each time an imprint is taken. Rest assured this is not a charge.

  • The imprint is automatically renewed after consumption or within 7 days. If you disable the unlimited payments option, it disappears within 24 hours.

  • This payment method is currently not possible in supermarkets or on delivery platforms such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo. But rest assured, we are actively working on it 🙂.

  • Bank card transactions can't be less than €0.50. To make it easier for you, we modify the meal vouchers / bank card distribution accordingly. For example, if you make a payment of €19.30 (with a daily balance of €19), the withdrawal from your meal voucher balance will be adjusted to €18.80 to meet the €0.50 minimum on the personal card (€18.80 + €0.50 = €19.30).

  • It's not possible to set up the unlimited payment option on a Sunday, a public holiday or if your balance is at €0.

  • Once activated, if you attempt a payment on Sunday, a public holiday or if your balance is €0, then the entire transaction will be debited from your personal bank card.

  • It's possible that the unlimited option is automatically deactivated immediately after your activation. If this is the case, your bank may block the imprint for security reasons or the amount is too large.

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